How we do it

The 21 steps

  • 1. Start from Client's sketch or proposed R&D sketch/style
  • 2. Analise / Define tech specs
  • 3. Fabric & components sourcing for 1st prototype
  • 4. Prototype execution and preliminary budgeting
  • 5. Fabric & components sourcing for BULK
  • 6. SMS's / Photo / Fit samples + Size Sets execution
  • 7. Back & forth for nal specs & Client approvals
  • 8. Final planning, consumption & price de nition
  • 9. Production analysis and critical path definition
  • 10. Follow up on suppliers for QC & CP compliance
  • 11. Once components arrive to warehouse:
     _ perform QC checks (internal & 3rd party)
     _ pattern ne tuning (per fabric batch/color)
     _ coordination w/ clients & approvals
     _ pre production & production tests
     _ prepare & instruct subcontractors
  • 12. Cut bulk production
  • 13. QC on cutted bulk production
  • 14. Sort components & prepare for sew
  • 15. Sew (internal and/or subcontracted) w/:
     _ Final sewing operations induction
     _ Apply QC protocol
  • 16. Special sew operations, final accessories, ironing, individual packaging & labeling
  • 17. QC & Metal detection
  • 18. Final QC (w/ "Clients eyes")
  • 19. Shipment samples & Client approval
  • 20. Bulk shipment & packing lists
  • 21. Invoicing & other documents


The processes

Client Oriented R&D

R&D Process

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s Research & Development Department functions as an extension of our Clients' design teams.

The end result of an R&D project can go from simple fabric development, to a printing or embroidery technique, or even a garment that is either a starting point or fully ready-to-retail. The goal is to create individual solutions that suit our Clients' needs.

Nevertheless, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. does develop its own collections. These can be used and/or adapted by our Clients (see R&D Policy for details).

R&D Team

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s R&D Team gathers a team of professionals with various backgrounds: Contemporary Art, Fashion Design, Multimedia Arts and Graphic Design.

The R&D Team works closely with our vast network of partners and suppliers in order to present concrete and effective solutions specifically for our Clients.

R&D Policy

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. enforces a simple yet strict R&D Policy:

  • 1. All our R&D is oriented towards our Clients' needs and best interests.
  • 2. If an R&D-originated garment is selected by a Client and reaches bulk production, then this style/garment will not be made available to any other Client.
  • 3. All R&D work is cost-free for our Clients.
  • 4. All materials/information received from our Clients for R&D purposes is handled as our Client´s property (and therefore treated as confidential), and will be returned upon request.

Sampling & product engineering

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s sampling and product engineering department provides our Clients with the most up-to-date techniques and technology for prototype and SMS´s production. With over 14.000 sample units produced per year, this department aggregates 30+ years of experience on handling a vast range of fabrics and their possible combinations, resulting in a wide variety of garments produced as per our Clients' specifications.

Costing & Pricing

For your needs and expectations

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s flexible approach to costing and pricing allows us to adjust to our Clients needs and expectations and takes into account all the stakeholders in the business. When requested, our account managers provide alternative price quotations based on alternative fabric qualities, style adjustments or even a different choice of sewing unit. All variables of a price can be re-evalued so that a solution that is suitable to all can be found.


Fabric sourcing

Fabric sourcing is central to Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s operation. We focus on controlling Costs, Quality and Lead Times, in order to guarantee that sampling and bulk production are as streamlined as possible. Our goal is to anticipate the sourcing and approval processes as much as possible, keeping the widest range of options open. This way, our production management can best decide when to carry out the following production stages.

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. sources both in Portugal (mainly) and worldwide, pending a case by case analysis.

All the fabric sourcing processes are linked with our critical path management, quality protocol and coordination systems.


Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. pioneered the implementation of automated cutting technology back in the 1980s. Since then we have continuously updated our machinery in order to obtain the most precise results in cutting (see technology for more details).

All the cutting – manual and automatic - is takes place internally.


The sewing stage poses three different possibilities: internal sewing, subcontracted sewing in Portugal and subcontracted sewing in Morocco.

Internal sewing is carried out within Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.´s headquarters and is destined for sample production, small bulk productions and exceptionally challenging manufacturing/sewing operations.

Our local sewing subcontractors consist of small companies located in the vicinity of Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.'s headquarters, and in most cases they collaborate exclusively with us in a mutually beneficial partnership. All the information on our subcontractors is available to our Clients, who can be informed of which subcontractor is sewing their order at any given time.

The sewing subcontractors in Morocco are larger factories with extensive sewing lines, located near Rabat. The way we operate with out Moroccan subcontractors is very similar to our relationship with a local sewing partner, both in terms of proximity and procedures.

Trims and accessories

In order to provide our Clients with a ready-to-retail product, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.'s Trims & Accessories department sources globally for every individual component that goes into a garment. These components are sourced according to our Clients'specifications, ITS testing requirements, price range and Quality.

Labeling and Packaging

Labeling and packaging are steadily becoming key logistics operations, both from the supplier and the Client´s standpoints. Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. has a robust Labeling and Packaging department that carries out these tasks, thus facilitating all logistics processes. Coordinating efforts with the Quality Control department, Labeling & Packaging make sure our Clients have the right Quality delivered to their destinations.

All labeling and packaging can be individually customized in each production order.

Path Management and Communication

How we manage, comply with and communicate the Critical Path internally, to our Clients and to our Suppliers

All production orders are subject to rigorous critical path planning and follow-up throughout production. Once the critical path is set, each department starts to work with the established deadlines (including Client approvals) in mind. In addition, the critical path is used for supplier and subcontractor alignment so deadlines can be met.

In each production order, the critical path is linked to a production slot that accommodates the stages of sewing, QC, packaging, labeling and shipping.

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. will then share the critical paths with Clients. This is done via a system that Clients can access to make sure their orders are progressing in a timely manner (see technology for further details).

Quality Control

In order to comply with our Clients' Quality specifications, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. has implemented a 9-step QC Protocol that includes all production stages and produces 12 QC Reports. These reports are sent to the Client upon request.

Logistics and supply chain management

As a complimentary service, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. offers to handle and deliver your production orders, sorting them by store, by warehouse, by country or any other criteria.

Systems and technology

ERP Macwin

Our ERP is the nerve-centre of our operation. Providing accurate and detailed cost/pricing, Macwin manages all documentation (for logistics, purchasing and invoicing) and centralizes all the information in a helpful and traceable manner.

myPEDROSA weplatform

myPEDROSA webplatform was created to facilitate the workflow's management and handling. Furthermore, it improves the quality of communication not only between departments but also between Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. and our Clients.

This platform is currently under internal development and is now in its initial implementation stage as a valuable tool of sample production planning. Very soon myPedrosa will allow our Clients to check –in on their samples, critical path compliance for bulk production and QC reports – all this information unfiltered and available on the internet around the clock.

Clients will be notified of all further developments to this webplatform.


We use the Accumark – Gerber Technology CAD/CAM pattern creating system.

Automatic Cutting System

Our automatic cutting system is the Paragon Cutter – Gerber Technology, which we use for bulk production. For sample production, we use the DCS System – Gerber Technology.

Light Cabin

Due to the crucial importance of accurately assessing colours, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. has set up various light boxes along its layout. These are used mainly for strike off and lab dip comparison vis-a-vis bulk deliveries.


All fabrics are tested internally for colour, width, weight, shrinkage, spirality, color fastness, moisture and quantity.

Further testing is carried out at Intertek, as per the Client's specifications.

Other technologies

Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. resorts to its specialized partners and suppliers for:

  • — laser cutting
  • — digital print
  • — sublimation
  • — pleating
  • — laser engraving
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