What we do


Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. produces Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear & Babywear, Sportswear and Nightwear for top brands worldwide.


Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. provides the following techniques:

— Digital printing & traditional printing
— Sublimation
— Laser print
— All-over print
— Induction
— Embroidery (regular, with applications, Tanaka, High Point, Chain Stitch, English Point effect, Fuwari, Sequined, Cord with ribbons and Cord with metal chains)
— High-frequency
— Sequin and Bead embroidery
— Bonded seams
— Bonded fabrics
— All types of fusion processes
— Special effects (foil, membranes…)
— Mixed-media garments


Garments can and often combine a variety of fabrics and materials, which can also be bonded into a new, single fabric either with a layer of foam in between (several different widths available) or just bonded directly.

We try to be as versatile as possible when it comes to fabric structures , weights and compositions. Here the list of those we use most frequently:

— Jersey
— Jacquard
— Fleece
— Piqué
— Interlock
— Rib
— Lace
— Mesh
— Double face
— Bonded fabrics
— Wovens
— Denim
— Lightweight leather


Fabrics compositions may include a wide variety of fibres. Here is a list our most commonly used fibres:

— Cotton
— Wool
— Linen
— Polyamide
— Polyester
— Modal
— Lyocell
— Viscose
— Tencel
— Silk
— Cashmere
— Acetate
— Triacetate
— Elastane
— Rayon

Fabric finishes

A vast array of finishings can be applied to fabrics. These finishings can be standard or functional. Here is a list of the most commonly applied finishings:

Standard fabric finishes:

i. Mercerization
ii. Drying
iii. De mineralization
iv. Raising
v. Brushing
vi. Tumbler (shearling effect)
vii. Emery
viii. Carbon emery
ix. Heat setting
x. Simple shearing
xi. Formaldehyde-free and pre-shrunk shearing
xii. Shearing with elastomer treatment
xiii. Shearing with silicone treatment
xiv. Silk treatment
xv. Lyocell treatment
xvi. Anti-pilling treatment
xvii. Anti-oil treatment
xviii. Anti-aging treament
xix. Sanfor
xx. Compaction
xxi. Surface resin treatment

Functional fabric finishes:

i. Hydrophilic
ii. Hydrophobic
iii. Temperature regulation (PCM)
v. Aloe Vera
vi. Relaxing moisturizers
vii. Antimicrobial
viii. Anti-mosquito
ix. Anti-UV
x. Others (upon request)

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